Saturday, February 7, 2009

The gang's all here (almost)

I was looking through my pictures and found this montage my brother put together for me awhile back of all of our animals. Well, at the time it was all of them... we've acquired a few more since then (specifically, 1 little filly, one dog and 5 bunnies) Top left is my mare, Liberty. She is no longer with us (a gal in Phoenix bought her and loves her to pieces. I miss Libs)

Top middle is Gerty sporting her hat (I did mention previously that I'd dress up anything that would sit still long enough, didn't I???)

Top right is Sassy, Lee's horse. She's a little princess and don't get in the stall with her or she'll stalk you and make you pay! I have personal experience with this.

Middle left is Bandit. aka Bandito Brown, Bandy Boy. He's a sweet old guy who is just hanging out, enjoying his retirement these days.

In the very middle is Sandie. Sadly, she is no longer with us. I adopted her from the Humane Society when she was 8 weeks old and she lived to be nearly 16. Sure do miss that girl, too.

Middle right is Nutmeg. Boy, she was a little fatty in this pic. It was shortly after we rescued her from living in a hutch in someone's garage, all but forgotten by the kids who she was bought for. :( Apparently they fed her well, but that was about it.

Bottom left is Phoenix, the old guy, smiling for the camera.

On the middle left is Patches. She was little in this pic! She grew up to be 10 lbs! She's our gunga-galunga bunny. Otherwise known as Patches Monster or Biggie.

The middle right is Valentine. Our "porch goat"... (see previous post)

And lastly, the bottom right is Angel, our Rotten-weiler. I picked her up on the side of the freeway in a thunder storm almost 10 years ago. Her official job is to go out and check on the horses every morning and make sure everyone is behaving.

The others that are not pictured are Piper (my rescued PMU filly), 5 "baby" bunnies, who are now a year and a half old (oops bunnies from a bunny I rescued that ended up being pregnant. Surprise!) and Snuffy (Snuffaluffagus) the neighbor's black lab who decided he liked it at our house better than theirs and and has basically never gone home. Oh, and our four chickens, none of which really have names, other than the Rhode Island Red, who we call "Red"... original, I know.

So, there ya have it, the entire bunch. Never a dull moment around this place!


jane augenstein said...

Really nice pictures of your critter family! Love the smiling horse, too cute. You certainly have a lot of lovable sidekicks, thanks for sharing! :-)

Desert Rose said...

Wow do you have some animules!!!
I just love your bunny's, there something about their little wiggly noses!

Anonymous said...

I love all your animals especially the Rotten-weiler. We had one, Heather...she was the best dog; we had to put her to sleep last summer...about broke our hearts.

"Ice Pony Girl" said...

Lovely critters!

Natarojo said...

love the pics of all the critters! The bunny is adorable!