Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Cowgirl's Cookbook

I'm always on the lookout for anything cowgirl related. I love cowgirl quotes and vintage cowgirl pics. I think I might possibly have lived in the wild west days in my previous life. :)

I recently met fellow cowgirl, Jill Charlotte Stanford, who found me through my blog. She hails from Sisters, Oregon, and is the author of this very cool cookbook:

Not only is it chock full of great cowgirl cuisine, but it is has a heaping helpin' of great cowgirl pics and quotes. It was a really fun read and I found more than a few recipes that I am going to try (how about Kickin' Apple Pie Enchiladas? I'm going to try these soon!)

This from the back of the book: "Take a dash of western myth, a sprinkle of vintage photographs, and a dollop of tall tales, simmer with a delicious selection of western recipes and, voila - The Cowgirl's Cookbook. From Cow Punchers Punch to June's Ranch Beans, Cackleberries on Toast to Cowgirl Crude Salsa, Fit for a Queen Green Chili Soup to Texas Two-Step Blackberry Dumplings, these hearty fixins will feed a city girl's fantasy as well as a country boy's belly."

You can order the book through Amazon. I think this would be a great gift for anyone, or even a gift for yourself! Maybe as a birthday or housewarming gift - tucked inside a basket with a few of the fixins' for some of these great recipes.

I'll leave you with one of my favorite quotes from the book:

"Don't screw with me, fellas.
This ain't my first time
at the rodeo."
- Lulu Parr


backattheranch said...

Thats great! That will go on my wish list. Sometimes I wish I lived in the old west days but I think I would rather be a man! :) I think it would of been really hard to be a woman in those days.

Desert Rose said...

I was in Sisters just outside of bend last Summer with my PNW ridng group...CAMPING for 5 days! Sleeping in the horse trailer..hauling water we had to pump...putting 3 heavy ice chests in and out of the truck cab every night and morning because of bears...peeing in the dark, peeing in the bushes, peeing in the horse come my best riding buddy in the PNW thought I could cowgirlthe%^&&up and do this! ( 25 cents in your cuss jar!) I told her next year it was 5 star for me and Jesse or we would not go. Unfortunately we just lost our Zoe girl, her 27 yr old Doc bar mare to cancer. She had surgery and a brave battle before her momsaid no more. we will see what our summer looks like next year. i am looking into some "freee" horses for her to bring back for the summer with Jesse!
By the way...the riding there is GREAT!

Teresa said...

Cool book! I am going to check it out on Amazon, I love their site. I like pictures mixed in with the recipes it makes it more interesting. Wow, you know the author! thats fun!

Lacey Jo said...

I was browsing through earlier today and came across your creations. There is so much western jewelry being created, but yours is different and unique. I love it! I was pleasantly surprised to see you are local too.

Natarojo said...

A book I must check out! I read a cute bumper sticker today. It had a cartoon pic of a horse with a punk face and it read "Go" I love bumper stickers.