Sunday, December 28, 2008

Silent Sunday

I like the idea of posting a picture with no words at all...just let the pic speak for itself...

I've been following a few blogs lately that have a "Wordless Wednesday" pic... so I thought I'd borrow their idea, but do mine on Sundays... (thanks for the inspiration -- you know who you are!) Next week's pic will have no words. Enjoy!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Snow in the Desert

The rest of the country has been getting hit with snowstorms, so I guess it is our turn! Although, you can hardly call this a "storm", but it is snowing here, which only happens once or twice a year.Bandit came off a ranch in Wyoming, so I'm sure he knows what the white stuff is!
Piper peeks out from under her shade cover....
while Gerty peers out from her house and Valentine, always the curious one, ventures out to check it out.

We'll enjoy the snow while it lasts...which will probably only be until tomorrow!

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Merry Christmas everyone!

Piper was pretty cooperative with the Santa hat, unlike the others who knew what was coming and ran the other way!
She's definitely getting big! Lots more growing to do, though, since she is only 1 year 9 months old. Hopefully at this time next year I'll be riding her a little bit!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Holidays From Our Family To Yours!

This year I had Mary of Mary Richmond Design create a Christmas card for us with all of our animals. I e-mailed pics of everyone to her and she took it from there. She did a GREAT job! Horses, goats, dogs, bunnies, right down to the chickens, everyone is here with their santa hats on. (Bandit, Phoenix, Piper, Sassy, Sandie, Snuffy, Angel, "chickens", Ginger, Digger, Sandie, Patches, Nutmeg, Turbo and Bulldog).

We all wish you a Very Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Last Minute Shopping

Christmas is just one week away! Wow. If you're anything like me, this year Christmas really snuck up on you. Still have gifts to buy and mail out? I'm offering $1.00 Priority Mail shipping through Friday night (although I can't guarantee delivery, gifts should arrive by Wednesday). I will also gift wrap your purchase for free!

Not sure what to buy? I also offer gift certificates in the denomination of your choice. You can purchase them through my Etsy shop or go to the PayPal link on the right sidebar. I will send the gift certificate through the mail and if you wish, e-mail your recipient that the certificate is coming. How easy is that?

I bet you know someone who would love one of these cuffs from my Cowgirl Cuff collection!

Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

O Christmas Tree

Finally, the tree is up AND decorated! Come on in and have a look...
Naturally, our tree is decorated in western style with a mix of ornaments featuring our animals.

No tree is complete without at least one cowgirl ornament....

And this cowboy Santa with his Christmas foal is so sweet!

Had to add Lee's "Gunny Claus" ornament... (he's a retired Marine Gunnery Sgt)

This ornament is made from an original oil painting of our bunnies. Charlotte, of CharlottesWebArt created this masterpiece!

This is Sandie. She's been gone for a few years now, but is still with us in spirit! She lived a good long life, nearly 16 years...

Happy Holidays everyone!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Calling All Bunny Lovers!

Can you handle the cuteness??? I uploaded a new slide show of the bunnies. Scroll all the way to the bottom -- nothin' but bunnies. Pics of the whole gang. Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

OK, maybe not a lot. Just a little. I have the tree up, lights are on it, but no ornaments yet. And no stockings up. Hopefully today or this evening I can get to that! The weather has been colder, so that helps a little with the holiday spirit. Christmas has really snuck up on me this year. Gotta get it in gear!
At least the animals have the right idea!
Happy Holidays Everyone!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Heartland Rabbit Rescue

As anyone can tell from reading my blog, animals are a big part of my life. I have adopted or rescued numerous animals and even though we have nearly reached our limit on bringing in any new animals, I think it is important to continue to support the efforts of rescue organizations.

One goal of my business plan is to donate 10% of my Etsy sales to various animal rescue groups. I do have my favorites and usually I like to donate to a group that is local, but I found Heartland Rabbit Rescue's site and blog and have been following it ever since. This month I am making a donation to their group by sponsoring one of their special needs rabbits.This is Hope. She was brought to Heartland Rabbit Rescue after being abandoned at a city shelter. She had weepy eyes due to a possible pasteurella infection and later developed signs of encephalitozoon cuniculi, which causes uncontrollable rolling and head tilt. Fortunately, her condition has improved, although she will always have the head tilt.

I hope that my donation will help with her care and that of the other bunnies waiting for their forever loving homes at Heartland Rabbit Rescue.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Big Cowgirl Thanks!

To all my friends, family, blog pals, new customers and repeat customers...
November was Heart of a Cowgirl's best month ever! I owe many thanks to everyone who has supported my dream, listened to my ramblings about growing my business, read my blog, gave moral support, and purchased my original creations! I tip my cowgirl hat to all of you!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


I'm offering free shipping on all orders from my shop from Friday, November 28th through December 1st! This includes international orders.
There's something for every cowgirl (or those with the Heart of a Cowgirl) on your list...

Happy Shopping!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas Shopping!

This morning I went out to Equine Voices Horse Rescue & Sanctuary (I had some jewelry to deliver to Karen, the founder) and I ended up doing about half of my Christmas shopping! No, I didn't adopt a horse for everyone on my list (but wouldn't that be a great gift?) but I did end up finding a lot of things in their awesome gift shop.

Gulliver, the rescue mascot, makes his way on to all of the clothing, including sweatshirts, hoodies, t-shirts, denim shirts and tanks. Gulliver is a Clydsedale-cross who is just as cute and sweet as he is HUGE!

I wanted to add some pictures from the shop, but I wasn't able to download them. If you love horses or have people to buy for that do, Gulliver's Gift Shop offers a nice selection of clothing, art, home decor and jewelry to choose from. You can feel good knowing that the proceeds of your purchase will go to care for the many rescued horses at the sanctuary.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cool Handmade Books!

Here is a really neat gift idea for that hard to buy for person on your list -- how about a handmade journal? MyHandBoundBooks is participating in the Blog a Day giveaway (see badge/link near the top left of this blog) and I found several things in their shop that I wouldn't mind receiving in my stocking on Christmas morning!

I LOVE this leather bound journal. Actually putting pen to paper with your thoughts -- what a concept! And check out this teeny weeny little leather bound journal! It has enough pages that you could write a little message to someone by putting a word on each page. Write a love letter or a thank you letter!How about these cute little book earrings? They would make a perfect gift for a teacher or anyone on your list who loves to read. The pretty pink cover makes them especially adorable!MyHandBoundBooks has many other styles of journals available, as well as other great items. Check it out. And remember to buy handmade this holiday season!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

How would you search for this necklace?

I read an article about effective tagging recently. It made me stop and think about how I am tagging my items in my Etsy shop and am I doing so in the most effective manner. I THINK I am tagging so that potential customers can find my items, but am I really? If you were searching for this necklace, what would you put in the search box? Leave me a comment and give me a few words or phrases you would use. I'll see if I am "thinking like a customer" or not! Thanks everyone!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Christmas is HOW many days away?

55 days. WOW! I got to thinking about it this morning, about decorating the tree and the house, baking Christmas goodies, wrapping presents.... maybe what sparked it is the fact that it was 40 degrees outside this morning when I woke up! Brrrr! That is pretty cold for Arizona.

So, to get in the holiday spirit, I'm posting a "gift buying guide"...items I've found on Etsy that caught my eye. Check theses shops out, you might find something for that hard to buy for person on your list...

Custom painted pet ornaments by MaryRichmondDesign . (I was thinking of getting these of ALL the animals, but that might keep Mary busy until after the New Year!)
These soap "truffles" by BellaDonna10 look good enough to eat!
How about an earth friendly re-usable coffee cozy from AlytheRed? Gotta love the bunny design!These little horse finger puppets from CherylASmith would make great kids' stocking stuffers. She also has lots of other animal puppets in her shop.Etsy has a very diverse selection of original, handmade gifts. So much better than buying from some big corporate giant! I plan to support talented independent artists this year by buying handmade as much as possible. Happy Holidays!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Rocki's Rock 'n Beads and Supplies

Today I'd like to introduce you all to a fellow Etsyian and blog pal, Deb Adams, also known as Rocki to her friends. Somewhere along the line I started following Rocki's Rock 'N Blog, which led me to her 2 Etsy shops: Rocki's Rock 'N Beads and Rocki's Supplies.

Rocki is a true artisan when it comes to her metalworking. In fact, she likes to think of her handcrafted ear wires, clasps and other jewelry findings as "Not just "supplies" but "Handcrafted Pieces of Art for Your Artistic Creations". And that they are. Her work is awesome, with attention to detail in every piece.

A few examples of her earwires in my own creations:
(Oxidized Sterling Silver Small Hoop Ear Wires)
(Sterling Silver Signature Elfin Ear Wires) (Sterling Silver Retro French Ear Wires)

I'm also a fan of her sterling silver hammered heart clasp. So cute! I used it in my "Heart of a Cowgirl" turquoise bracelet. Perfect!Rocki also offers her findings in gold filled and brass (hey Rocki, I vote for copper next).

Not only does she make great "handcrafted pieces of art", she also creates beautiful jewelry. I admire her earthy designs, and really LOVE this guy:

Unfortunately, he has been sold... however, I bet Rocki would be willing to create you something similar if you asked! Be sure to check out the rest of her creations in her Etsy shop and take a peek at her blog, you never know what she'll be up to next!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


I am participating in a Blog Giveaway this month. It sounded like fun, so I thought I'd give it a try. There are 15 different Etsy shops that have contributed an item to be given away and I'm one of them! All you have to do is go check out some of these shops and then post a comment on The Tiny Fig's blog to be entered to win one of the fabulous prizes above! (click on the badge to the left for all the details , which even as this post moves down, will remain at the top left of my blog).

Here's a peak at the earrings from my shop that you could win...

Check out all the other great things you could win by clicking on the Badge to the top left. Good luck!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Cowgirls and Cowboys, whether you be 2- footed, 4- footed or hooved..(No, this isn't my dog, but I have been known to dress up any animal that will stand still)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cowboy's Sweetheart - The Art of Deb Trotter

I first came across Deb Trotter's wonderful blog and website shortly after I started up my own blog, by googling "cowgirl blog". I wanted to see what other cowgirls out there were doing and blogging about. Wow, I was immediately taken in by Deb's art. She creates mixed-media masterpieces with a nostalgic western flair and more times than not, a good dose of humor.

In addition to original paintings and drawings, her art includes a line of jewelry and handbags.
Speaking of handbags, I LOVE this one! (anyone looking to buy me a Christmas gift would do well with this!)
How cool is this cowgirl with her little filly? (kind of reminds me of me...with Piper) These bags are all originals, with rich fabrics and fringe and have a funky cowgirl style all their own! You can find this bag, as well as many others, in Deb's Etsy store.

Along with her Etsy shop and her own website, Deb's art can be purchased through CafePress.
You can get her artwork on everything from coffee mugs to greeting cards, tote bags, calendars and journals.

Deb compares her approach to her Art the way a Cowgirl approaches her life. With passion. It's what she calls, "thinking like a Cowgirl." I share that philosophy with her. You don't have to wear a hat and boots and ride a horse to have the cowgirl spirit!

Deb's creations have been featured in many art magazines and exhibited in various galleries and art shows nationally and internationally. She also teaches at art retreats around the country.
I could go on and on, but even if I did, I would never be able to do justice to Deb's art. You really should treat yourself and go check out her Cowboy's Sweetheart blog and website. I bet you will find something to bring out your inner cowgirl.

Yee Ha Cowgirl!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

What's for Dinner?

I'm a fan of the crockpot. I was thinking this as I just put a roast in the crockpot to cook. I'll add some green chiles later and shred it up for burritos for dinner. Add some rice and beans and you're set! I like the crockpot because it is EASY and I can do other things while dinner is cooking. I don't have time to slave away in the kitchen in the evenings...that time is spent feeding horses, goats, dogs , bunnies and chickens. Or working with my little filly. Or taking a ride on one of our other horses. Or cleaning stalls, filling water troughs or some other animal related chore. You get the idea, there are too many other things that need to be done. Good thing neither Lee nor I need a big sit-down meal every night.

I discovered another great crockpot idea for chicken enchiladas the other day. I cooked 4 boneless chicken breasts in the crockpot with a can of Rotelle (or you can use a can of stewed tomatos and a can of diced green chiles). When it was done, I shredded it and removed it to bowl. I then added green enchilada sauce to the bottom of the crockpot, layered corn tortillas (no need to soft-fry them first), the shredded chicken and cheddar cheese. Repeat the layers 3 times, finishing with cheese on top. Turn the crockpot to low and heat for about 1/2 hour. This turned out delicious! And I was able to get my chores down while this finished heating. Did I mention I love the crockpot???

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Heart of a Cowgirl Studio

We've been trying to figure out where (and how) to build a little studio/workshop for me. I have definitely outgrown the corner of the dining room where I do my creating! Time to step up to a space I can call my own. This little travel trailer was my project a few winters ago. We bought it knowing that it needed a serious facelift on the inside. 1970s green had to go...
I spent many nights out here sewing new curtains in a cool vintage cowgirl print, painting over the hideous green flower print wallpaper and reupholstering the matching green seat cushions in faux tooled red leather...
My dad made the much improved wooden table top. (Thanks Dad!)So, here was this little Cowgirl Casita, just sitting out back behind our house. We rarely go anywhere for more than a day (too many critters to leave behind), so I decided that this will be my new studio! No building to do, no weekends spent hammering away, no smashed thumbs... And hey, it even has running water and a bathroom! I officially now have my own studio. Just need to get moved in now and get to work!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Art in the Park

We're back from New Mexcio. Whew, kind of a long trip in just a few days. BUT, my very first show went great, way better than I expected! I worked hard on getting my booth just right. I wanted it to have the right feel and allow people to walk through and back out without having to turn around and bump into other people. It worked out well.
The weather was great, I met a lot of nice people and made a good amount of sales. A great day all around...
To top it off, the Art Council, who sponsored the show, awarded me the Best Booth Display for the entire show (out of 90+ vendors). Wow~ not bad for my first show ever! And as an added perk, I'll get a free booth at the show next year. I'll be back! (I have to defend my title --- ha ha)
Special thanks to Laura Garcia, who organized this year's show! She did a great job and was very accomodating and great to work with. (Laura also has a shop on Etsy, BasementCreations, check her out!)