Thursday, December 4, 2008

Heartland Rabbit Rescue

As anyone can tell from reading my blog, animals are a big part of my life. I have adopted or rescued numerous animals and even though we have nearly reached our limit on bringing in any new animals, I think it is important to continue to support the efforts of rescue organizations.

One goal of my business plan is to donate 10% of my Etsy sales to various animal rescue groups. I do have my favorites and usually I like to donate to a group that is local, but I found Heartland Rabbit Rescue's site and blog and have been following it ever since. This month I am making a donation to their group by sponsoring one of their special needs rabbits.This is Hope. She was brought to Heartland Rabbit Rescue after being abandoned at a city shelter. She had weepy eyes due to a possible pasteurella infection and later developed signs of encephalitozoon cuniculi, which causes uncontrollable rolling and head tilt. Fortunately, her condition has improved, although she will always have the head tilt.

I hope that my donation will help with her care and that of the other bunnies waiting for their forever loving homes at Heartland Rabbit Rescue.


Any Occasion Boutique said...

OH my heavens! I am speachless (almost). I have always wanted a big piece of land that I could rescue all the lost and injured animals so I could make them healthy and find new homes for them. YOU ARE MY HERO! You have a heart the size of this universe for what you do. Thank you for being such a wonderful person :-)

Also, I tried to email you...I want to send you cookies :-D You can send you address to YUM!

backattheranch said...

Bridget, I have to tell you that you are a good soul! My sister and her kids raised about 50+ rabbits for showing int he fair and I tell you when we would go to the barn it was rabbit city! Loved them! lol

blackfeatherfarm said...

You certainly know how to pull my heartstrings, sister cowgirl. Yup, this rescue is going on my list. I have a full animal house too. You are certainly doing your part. If no one else has, I dub thee " Animal Angel." Happy Holidays to you and your furry loved ones.

Tree said...

Oh, little precious bunny,
if you only knew how caring your bunny mama really is...

Your patron Saint must be St Francis of Assisi--
He is the patron saint of animals (less fortunate ones, too)! He is usually pictured with animals around him either in pictures or statue.

Rocki said...

Oh my B, Hope has touched my heartstring!

What a wonderful thing you do to help the little ones who cannot help themselves.