Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Rottweiler Wednesday

Boots' best friend Inca is staying with us for a few days this week while her parents are out of town.  When Inca is here, no one else exists...

Nothing better than sharing a good joke with your bestie.  This one probably went something like, "a dog walks into a bar..."

It must have had a hell of a punchline!  They just crack themselves up.
Happy Rottie Wednesday!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Bunny Sunday

Little Daisy is definitely blooming here in her new home.  No longer in a tiny little cage, she has been getting plenty of opportunities to explore the house and outside in the little courtyard off my studio.  She's a very curious little bun!

Picture perfect :)
She has been trying to make friends with the other bunnies through the divider we have put up.  Bully and Sandie have not been too nice to her, though.  I hope they will get over it soon.  I have hopes of the other 5 accepting her into their exclusive "club"... although I know that may be asking a little too much.  We shall see...

Happy Bunny Sunday!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

4th of July giveaway!

In honor of the endless days of 100+ degree heat (ha), I'm having a little giveaway on my Facebook page.  I thought these earrings would be appropriate for the 4th of July:
All you have to do to enter is go to my Facebook page (there is a link on the right sidebar of this blog) and leave a comment.  That's it!  I'll be drawing a name and posting the winner on FB tomorrow afternoon.

Good luck and stay cool my friends!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bunny Sunday

There's a new bun in town.  Meet Daisy!
I stopped at a garage sale yesterday morning on a whim...and came home with a bunny.  Seriously.  There sat Daisy, in the Arizona heat, in a very small cage with a FREE sign on it.  I snatched her up without a second thought.  Ugh, people.  :(

Her "owners" gave me the all too common story:  "We bought this bunny for our daughter 3 months ago and now she has lost interest.  We're gone all day at work and the bunny just sits in the cage with no attention."  Ugh again.
Little Miss Daisy is about 4 months old and weighs a mere 2.5 lbs. She is just as sweet as can be, loves attention and even likes to be held.  The other five buns aren't too sure about the newcomer, but I'm hoping they will come around eventually.  For now, she has her own place and is making herself very comfortable!
If anyone knows what her coloring is called, I'm curious.  She has somewhat of a calico coloring (brown/tan, grayish black) on her back and ears, but then the black spotting on her face.  No matter what it is, she is just adorable!

Happy Bunny Sunday :)