Friday, August 1, 2008

If Only They Could Talk

I sometimes wonder what the stories are behind the boots I use to make my cowgirl wristlets. Some are obviously more used and worn than others and have seen many miles. Maybe they have ridden the range chasing wild cattle? Others look well cared for and barely worn. Perhaps they were someone's "dress" boots and were only used to dance the occasional two-step on Saturday nights? Who knows. But, it is kind of fun to think about.
Here is a pile of wristlets in the making. So far my little cowgirl wristlets have gone on to new homes in New Hampshire, Kansas, Texas and several to New York. I hope everyone who purchased them is enjoying them ... and maybe thinking up their own stories of where these boots have been.

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Anonymous said...

These are adorable! Nice blog your horses are beautiful :)

Checked out your Esty site, LOVE your jewelry.

Cathy from Connecticut