Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bandit on the Loose

We've had a lot of rain this summer and as a result, we now have a lot of green grass and weeds! Our solution to mowing the grass.... let the horses out to graze. Free mowing service and free feed for the horses at the same time! Such a deal. (At $15 a bale for hay these days, I'm thinking of renting out the horses to mow lawns). Really, the only horse we let out without us being out there to supervise is Bandit. But, lately he has decided he likes the neighbors' grass better than ours (hmmm... the grass is always greener??) and wanders over there. Here's where I found him this afternoon:

Uh oh... BUSTED...
Not that he cares, he went right back to eating when I told him to go home. Good thing we have great neighbors who don't mind him coming over for a visit!

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Anonymous said...

what a beautiful horse! I sure wouldn't mind being your neighbor and having him come vist :)