Friday, August 22, 2008

Arizona Sunset

I caught this sunset this evening after feeding the horses and goats. It was one of those really nice fall evenings (if there is such a thing in Arizona), right before the sun sets. So peaceful. Walking back to the house I saw this blaze of color and grabbed my new camera to get some pics. I snapped a few pics before it was gone. The nice thing is, sunsets like this are part of living in the desert...tomorrow there will be another masterpiece to enjoy. :)


Tree said...

Ah, yes cowgirl, I am drooling over this picture.
I always check your blogspot to see your pictures so I can connect with that part of the country. Keep 'em coming.
Your "somewhere in the midwest" etsy friend, Teresa.

Rocki said...

GORgeous! I agree, our sunsets are masterpieces all on their own. One of the many reasons I love living in Arizona :)