Thursday, April 14, 2011


Last Saturday was the Equine Voices fundraiser.  Piper was one of three featured adopted horses for the event.  Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate and it rained the whole day.  AND it was cold.  Ugh. 

This picture was taken by one of the volunteers, Rose Mayer (she has a photograph/video business, Unique Views of Nature).  I can't get over how big Piper looks in this pic!  We had a little demonstration planned (I was going to ride Piper through some obstacles and generally show how she has progressed in her training, but due to the rain, that part of the event was cancelled).  Darn.

2 years ago (and I can't believe it has been that long already!) Piper was also one of the featured horses.  At that time, she wasn't even 2 and I had not  begun riding her.  I just walked her through some of the obstacles and showed some of the ground work training we were working on at that time.  Check out that post here.  It's amazing to me to look back and see how she has grown.,

Even though we didn't get to "perform" on Saturday, Piper was still able to show off a little. I turned her out in the arena and she ran laps around that thing, kicking up her heels and having a great time.  Scroll down to the very bottom of the blog to check out a slide show of an awesome series of pics of Piper running around (photos by Scotter Grubb).


Lisa said...

That's so exciting for Piper! And fantastic to look back and see how far she's come. Congratulations on all your progress, Bridget and Piper!

The Japanese Redneck said...

We'll she was certainly having a big time showing out for all of ya'll.

She's beautiful! Luv the tail in the air when they run like that.

Chasing Sunsets said...

Wow I can't believe Piper is that old already. And I know how cold it was last Saturday....brrrrr!

Paint Girl said...

Piper has gotten really big, and she looks so good!! I love seeing the progress of training. Keep up the great work!

Dreaming said...

The pictures are great. He really was tearing around! Loved the little kick at the ramp!
Piper looks like a beautifully put-together young guy!

LOL - my word verification is STEED!
I guess I should have said Piper is a beautiful steed!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful horse she is...she looks very proud.

Clovie Boy said...

Piper is a beautiful horse!

Annette F Tait said...

Piper looks so happy on your slide show! and Boots is getting bigger. She's very smart and I love the way she does 'down' with her legs all out! did I say cute??!
great to see your rabbits ofcourse!