Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Piper the Rock Star

Equine Voices put together an informational DVD about their mission rescuing PMU mares and foals. Four adopted horses were featured and Piper was one of them. She showed her stuff in the round pen, loading in the trailer and just generally being a little ham.

Here is a trailer for the DVD. If you are interested, the DVDs are for sale through the Equine Voices website and all proceeds go to feed and care of the horses.

There is a little clip of Piper and me (we are the last one of the 4 horses shown)

Piper is a perfect example of why these horses should not just be discarded and sent to slaughter. She was on her way and I'm thankful everyday that Equine Voices rescued her and that we found each other.


Christina said...

Piper is an angel. Where would the animals be without rescues and people like you. My good friend here in OK takes in horses that have been abused. It is so heartbreaking. She just took in a beautiful stallion that was left tied to a tree without food and water and the person just moved away. Luckily a neighbor noticed him pretty quickly. He is doing great. Thanks so much Bridgette for all you do and for always helping the bunnies at Heartland.

Rural Rambler said...

I enjoyed the trailer and I am so happy you and Piper found each other. I wish they all could find the goodness that Piper found with you!

Phyllis said...

I'm so glad Piper is with you. I continue to try to educate people about the PMU farms and what happens to horses. How people can treat these magnificant animals the way the do is beyond me.

To make matters even worse, I recently heard on NPR that there is now whale farming in MI (?). I mean, how can that be happening????

Sorry to digress - it's one of my many soapboxes - animals' rights.

Much love to all you who help rescue and adopt!

Paint Girl said...

Piper is lucky to have you, and the rescue group that rescued her.
My dream is to one day open a horse/dog rescue. If only I could do that now! I know that is my calling!! Someday.

Carolynn said...

Okay, that brought tears to my eyes. I wish I could take in every animal in need of rescue. Truly. I need a much bigger place, my little condo just isn't gonna cut it.

AZArtist said...

Awesome video! It looks like they do wonderful work!

The "foal meat filet" was shocking. I don't think I've ever seen one before. Good for them for putting that in.

Anonymous said...

Great video...horses are such majestic creatures; they deserve to be rescued.