Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year/Rottweiler Wednesday

Happy 2013 everyone!  I hope your new year is getting off to a great start. 

We are not sure of Boots' exact birthday, but it is somewhere around the first of the year, so she is now 2 years old!  Time sure flies.  I was going through pics of her puppy dang cute!  This one was taken at Patagonia Lake when she was about 5 months old, before she figured out she could swim.  Now we can't keep her out of the water.
We've been having our share of cold, winter weather.  We even had a little bit of snow over the weekend.  So this picture gave me the warm fuzzies...a beautiful, sunny day at the lake in May.  Something to look forward to!

Happiest of New Years to you!
Bridget and Boots 

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Christina said...

Happy New Year! I have enjoyed reading all of Boot's adventures.