Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bunny Sunday

Hello bunny lovers!  I have some great pics to share of Daisy and a possible friend for her, however, Blogger is not allowing me to upload pics from my computer?  For the past few months, I've had sporadic ability to do so but now it is not even giving me the option of uploading pics from my computer (thus my lack of posts).  Anyone out there having similar issues?  I've googled it to find a fix, but no luck thus far.  HELP!

It does allow me to upload pics from my previous blog posts, however.  Thanks blogger, but I'd like to post something NEW.  Anyway, here's one of my favorites of Nutmeg posted several Easters ago...still makes me laugh!  She, however, was not amused.
Happy Bunny Sunday :)


Cindy D. said...

Yes, I have been having the exact same pic problems as you. but only from certain computers. I can up load fine from home, but not at work. The icon or choosing my files is missing.
Here is how I got around it.
I go to layouts, and pretend like I am going to change my header pic, I upload several different tries. then go back to the one I want. now all those pics are saved to my blog and I can load to my post. It is a pain in the butt, and much easier just to come home and use my sons new computer, which does it all with ease. the part I do not understand is why it is that way. At work I am the office manager which means I have the best computer in the whole place. So why it started doing this I do not know.
I don't know if that will help any but at least you know you are not alone.

Michelle May said...

Hey girlfriend!
Loooooooooove that photo of Nutmeg. Always brings a smile to my face.
The problem is with Internet Explorer. Naughty! Use Firefox as your browser and all will work like normal.

Cindy D. said...

Well that explains it!

Natascha said...

I had a problem too. I loaded them in the html format and then added text in the regular format.