Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bunny Sunday

Back by popular demand ~ a combo Bunny/Rottie Sunday! 

The bunnies have been getting outside every morning lately in the courtyard just outside my studio.  It's a great place for them to romp around and stretch their legs and when they hear the screen door slide open they come running.

Boots takes her job as bunny patrol very seriously.

It's very important to keep an eye on them at all times...
"1, 2, 3, 4..."
"5."  OK, all accounted for!  My job here is done."

Happy Bunny/Rottie Sunday everyone!


Christina said...

Aw I love seeing the bunnies and Boots too! Good job guarding the bunnies Boots, you rotties are such good guardians.

Jade said...

And Lord knows those wascally wabbits need patrolling...Good job, Boots! Make sure your mama gives you a nice treat for all your hard work. :)

Teresa said...

You are definitely the animal whisperer...I can just tell that's what Boots was thinking just by the look on her face..LOL!

Crafty Green Poet said...

Well done Boots!

bunnythreads said...

Oh all The bunnies look so bunny Beautiful♥...and what a wonderful job Boots is doing♥