Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Silly Fly Masks

For those of you who appreciated the fly mask humor from Monday ~ here are a few more absolutely silly fly mask designs.  I did a google search for "designer fly mask" and was amazed at all the different styles out there! 

Pirate anyone?
I like this next one even better than the one that Phoenix is sporting.  Definitely mare apparel, though.
You can find these 2, among others, at also has some really cute ones, including crossed eyes with a fly or butterfly on the nose.

I still haven't gotten used to seeing Phoenix with his on and every time he turns toward me it catches me off guard and I have a good laugh.  I'm laughing WITH you Phoenix, not AT you... really!


jane augenstein said...

Funny, I haven't seen the pirate one before. Gilly and Pokey just have black ones and I had to take the ears off Pokey's make new one to fit donkey ears! (it's my latest blog post, go look!You will laugh!) :-D

Sydney said...

So cute.

the7msn said...

I've recently seen an ad on RFD-TV for masks that come in a variety of horse colors – bay, sorrel, etc. – with white paint that you can use to match the blaze or whatever markings on the horse's face. From a distance, you can barely tell they're wearing a fly mask. I suppose these are for horses, or owners, with self-esteem issues.

Paint Girl said...

My other half wanted to get those silly fly masks for our horses. He thought they were hilarious! Haven't done it. Maybe this year. They are pretty cute! I would probably be caught off guard too if I looked outside and saw a silly face looking back at me!

Lisa said...

HAH the pirate one kills me.

Gaina said...

Haha, makes me wish I still had a horse :).