Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Everybody loves a winner!

And everybody loves to win something with no strings attached!

I found a very neat blog recently called Etsy Giveaways. The blog features all kinds of different giveaways hosted by Etsy shop owners. The tagline on the blog is "The only thing better than buying handmade is winning it." They have giveaways for everything: postcards, prints, aprons, earrings, bookmarks, even proofreading and a host of other goodies. It only takes a minute to peruse the giveaways and get entered. And it is completely free.
Several weeks ago I won these beautiful earrings from SDVintageCollection:
And just today I was notified that I am the lucky winner of one of these Daisy Necklaces from C&T Unique Jewelry Designs. Very nice!

If you find yourself with an extra minute or two and you like free goodies, check out the Etsy Giveaways Blog....and let me know if you win anything. Good luck!


Desert Rose said...

You lucky cowgirl!!!

sassyglassdesigns said...

Congratulations...Etsy Giveaways Blog is pretty cool.

cowgirlgoods said...

I think YOU need to go buy that lottery ticket! Nice!