Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pretty Packaging

I'm madly working to get myself organized for the craft fair I am participating in next weekend in New Mexico.

This is my "new and improved" packaging scheme. Since turquoise is my favorite gemstone, I thought the color appropriate....

My Heart of a Cowgirl stamp was made by Terbearco on Esty. She did a great job for a really reasonable price and quick work, too.

I hand stamped all of the boxes and bags. It took me awhile to find the right color turquoise ink -- I never knew there were so many variations of "turquoise" out there!
I like the end result a lot. What do you think?


Angie Kelly Designs said...

I LOVE it!!! I feel the same way about turquoise. I personally have tons of turquoise, but I don't use it my designs that much. I think I'm a little stingy with it! LOL

I think the packaging is perfect!! Very nice Bridget!!!! Have a great weekend :o)

Anonymous said...

Oh how pretty!! Good luck at the craft show :)


Tree said...

Very Cowgirl Chic!!!

Love it!!!

Danielle Barlow said...

wow, your boxes are really cool. Oh, Turquoise - my absolute favourite colour - at least half of my posessions are this colour!
PS I LOVE your goats- show us some more!

Lulu said...

Love the color and the designs - I found your blog on Angie's site and have added it to my favorites....very cool!


S T E P P I E said...

I love packaging!