Monday, September 29, 2008

Valentine and Gerty

I've posted lots about the bunnies and the horses, but haven't featured our goats yet.

This is Valentine. She is an alpine. We adopted her as a buddy for our first goat, Gerty (below). We take them with us when we go riding and they trot right along between the horses.

Valentine is the more mischievous of the two...she has learned how to climb over their fence and yesterday ended up on our patio, looking in the front door...

And here is Gerty. She is a nigerian. Definitely the sweeter of the two (although we love them both!). Their personalities are night and day different. Valentine is curious and brave and likes to escape their pen and explore, while Gerty is meek and content to stay within the safety of their fence.
Goats really do have more personality than you'd think!


Melissa said...

such cute goats. We have 3 of our own. :)


I envy your life full of animals!!
I live with Mr 'Allergy', maybe I should trade him in for a goat! :0)

Rocki said...

Oh how cute!!! Makes me miss our little Wilbur! Yep. We had a goat named Wilbur. No, I did not name him.