Monday, June 30, 2008

Piper and Big Sister Sassy

We rearranged the horse pens this weekend. Sassy and Piper are now in together and getting along fine. We decided to go ahead and put them together since Piper kept lying down and rolling underneath the panels separating her and Sassy and ended up on her side anyway.

Here they are eating breakfast this morning.....
Sassy is not a very big horse, so you can see how little Piper is. Although, Lee commented this morning that Piper is looking bigger. I did put the weight tape on her yesterday and even though it is not 100% accurate, she is now up to about 580 lbs, from approximately 525 when we first brought her home. She's growing up!



Fabulous, you are so lucky!! Got my 3rd lesson tonight, can't wait

Silverpaws said...

Awesome! you ROCK!!