Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Karma - gotta love it!

The other morning, I was on the etsy forums, and happened across a conversation (the subject of which I can't recall). The topic of bunnies came up and several members mentioned they had bunnies themselves, or had bunny related items in their shops. I went to check out one members' shop and found the sweetest little watercolor bunny looked just like one of my bunnies, so I promptly bought it. The seller ( has great stuff! Here is the print I bought:

And here is a pic of my bunny, Ginger:

Pretty cool, huh???

The karma part of this comes from the fact that while I was buying this little bunny print, the seller was buying some earrings from almost exactly the same moment!

It really made my day. :)

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Barbra said...

I bought from Mary also. I love her work.