Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Equine Voices Rescue and Sanctuary

I made a trip last Saturday morning out to a horse sanctuary called Equine Voices south of Green Valley, Arizona. I had read about their work in different newspaper articles and checked out their website ( What a great place! If you've ever heard of the plight of the mares and foals from the PMU farms, you will appreciate the work they do at Equine Voices. They rescue these horses and bring them back to the sanctuary to be adopted out to loving homes. They have an awesome mascot name Gulliver, who is a Clydesdale cross. He is one big boy, but as sweet as they come. It was a pleasure to meet Karen, who runs the sanctuary, and to meet all of the horses. They have a gift shop at the sanctuary and I will be adding some of my jewelry pieces for sale, with a percentage of the sale going back to help with the work at Equine Voices. See my "Gulliver" necklace I made for myself above. Check out the Equine Voices website, there is a lot of really good information.

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