Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy 2014!

Happy, happy new year everyone.  Meet Elasombra:

No, she's not ours :(    Although I'd love to have her!  She is our friends/neighbor's baby.  I first met this little cutie when she was just hours old.  Oh, how she has grown!  Only about 5 months old now, she is going to be a big girl.
Her mama, Shelby, (you can just see her behind us in this pic) is a rescued mustang. They weren't even sure she was pregnant until very shortly before this baby was born! 
She is so sweet and friendly.  She just melts my heart.... Lee's too.   Look at that face!
Nothing better than an innocent little one.  All she has ever known is love and trusting.  I wish all horses could live this way.
My wish for the new year!


Melody said...

A wonderful wish~ for all animals..
Great pictures~~
Happy New Year!

Crafty Green Poet said...

she looks lovely!

Happy New Year

Willow said...

She's absolutely beautiful and I love her name .
Happy Trails in the New Year,

Phyllis said...

I, too, wish all animals could know love and trust from humans.

What a sweet baby!