Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rottweiler Wednesday

Boots has been very busy lately entertaining all of her many friends that come by for visits and sleep overs. 

For the last month, Freckles has been staying with us while her mom is out of town.  She's an older girl and doesn't like to play as much as Boots would like, but she is good company for Boots.

And then we've had a new visitor lately, a little guy named Zayn.  He's been back a few times now and Boots just loves him.  She's about 4 times his size, but they play very well together... she just makes sure to get on the floor to play at his level.
And when Inca comes, they all get in on the action...
And then all crash out together.  :)
We have a revolving dog door around this place.  And we wouldn't have it any other way!

Happy Rottie Wednesday everyone.


Christina said...

Love seeing all your house guests Bridget. Is there a piggy visitor in the future?

Sandra Gonyea said...

Great pictures of your doggie gang.