Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rottweiler Wednesday, a day late

OK, so it's Thursday and not Wednesday...  who cares as long as we're talking rotties!?!  First off, I wanted to share this pic of Boots with her new little buddy, Zayn:
I LOVE this shot!  Zayn stayed with us last weekend while his mom and dad were out of town.  He's only 14 weeks old and pure puppy.  Boots had such a great time with him and was the best babysitter ever.  I'd almost forgotten how much fun puppies are!

Next, and more importantly today, I'm helping promote a fundraiser for Rottweiler Hearts Rescue (RHR) in Durham, North Carolina.  My very good friend Brett, (mom to Boots' rottie cousins, Xena and Lord) volunteers for this group and is helping put this fundraiser together.  I'm donating these little copper paw print and lapis earrings for the raffle:
If you'd like to help you can do so by purchasing raffle tickets or by donating something for the raffle.  I know animal causes are near and dear to a lot of my artist friend's hearts out there... hint, hint :)   Please check out all the details here.  (you can contact Brett directly for tickets or donations, her number is listed on the flyer on the link, and tell her I sent ya!).

RHR also has a facebook page...please go LIKE them and share their post about the fundraiser.  Boots thanks you from the bottom of her rottweiler heart.  :)

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