Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rottweiler Wednesday

Spring has sprung (and blown right by into summer temps here in the desert - ugh).  All of the trees are green and the flowers are bloomin'. 

This is Angel's rosebush, given to me by my friend, Brett, when we lost Angel almost 2 years ago.  From the day I planted this, it has flourished and grown and bloomed like crazy.  I have never had luck with miniature roses, but this one is special. 
Every time I look at it I think about our old girl.  We miss you Angel!

But thankfully we have this little 88 lb. puppy to keep us smiling and living in the here and now.  Dogs are really good at that, we should all follow their lead!
Dog is good. 

Happy Rottie Wednesday!


Christina said...

Dog is good. We have had an early spring here too and lots of rain. My roses are going nuts.

Boots is darling.

bunnythreads said...

Angel Blessings ♥ beautiful roses
beautiful ~puppy~

you are blessed ~ you have good karma
unconditional love & compassion
is a spiritual path not all can walk it takes from the depths of our soul,it can be a commitment a path that the Lord even choose for some of us to help those that can't help themselves-or help spread the word -raise awareness-you actually do many w/your blog w/your animals.
You touch lives & make a difference