Monday, August 1, 2011

Horse years/Human years

I've never really taken the time to look up how human and horse years compare.  Most of us know that every human year = 7 dogs years, so that's pretty easy to compute.  I found this information about horse to human age comparison:

First horse year = 12 human years
Second horse year = 7 human years
Next three horse years = 4 human years each
Subsequent years = 2 1/2 human years each

Sassy is 12 years old, so that makes her 48.5 in human years.
Our big boy Chini, who just turned 5, is 31 in human years (that's Phoenix in the background)
My baby Piper, who just turned 4 years old, is already 27 in human years (she's growing up so fast...sniff, sniff...)
I couldn't resist putting in a pic of her as a little girl, not quite a year old, when I first brought her home:
Phoenix is a young 34 years old, so that actually makes him 103.5 years old! I can only hope I age as well as he has.
Of course, even though horses age much faster than humans, they also age better. And it also depends on a lot of factors such as their genetics, size and lifestyle. Phoenix is such a spoiled old guy, I'm sure he will live to see 40. Just imagine --118.5 in human years!


The Japanese Redneck said...

I'm glad to see Phoenix doing so well for his age.

With all the love and care you give all of them, they could live longer than the averages.

Natascha said...

Wow hes an old boy . We only have one horse at 30 at our barn and he doesnt look as nice and round body wise. Has a hard time keeping weight on. Your old guy looks wonderful...never would have guessed his age. They all look great!

Lisa said...

All of your horses are so beautiful, young AND old :)

word verification: chinas

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Great pictures. I was always interested in the age thing too and now I know, thanks!

Phyllis said...

Who knew that's how to compute horse years??? Wonder who figured that complicated math out?

All the horses are so beautiful and I can't believe Piper is almost 4 years old. Seems like you've only had her a year or so. Time flies!

The Fab Furs said...

Spoiled? You are just treating Phoenix in the manner that is his due.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting, didn't know that. Great pics of the gang.

Carolynn said...

They all look so healthy & happy. Phoenix is an especially handsome guy.

cdncowgirl said...

Phoenix looks great! :)

I've always said Cessa is "about 90 in human years" turns out I was pretty close, she comes out at 87.5

Dreaming said...

That's pretty cool! Thinking about the behavior of a yearling... yeah, they are like middle school kids, I can agree with that!

Great pictures of your 'herd'!

Christina said...

Good thing its not the other way around. Love seeing their pics.

Corinna said...

How fascinating! I've never thought to compute the comparison before! thanks for sharing... and doing all the math on your horses! :)