Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Still Working on Getting into the Christmas Spirit...

I had planned on getting my Christmas tree up this weekend, but that never happened.  The tree is sitting on the porch (in it's box) and that is as far as I got.  It's on my list for this week for sure.  I hope.

It really doesn't help that we're having 70 degree weather here lately.  I shouldn't complain, I know, but it's very un-holiday-ish.

Here's a few more silly holiday animal pics from the archives.  Maybe this will do the trick:

Santa Sassy:
Reindeer Phoenix:
(Angel was always lurking in the background - miss that girl).

Heck, even Gerty is getting into the holiday spirit.
Or not.  She looks like she is saying "bah humbug!".

OK, we'll work on this holiday spirit thing.  Any suggestions?


The Japanese Redneck said...

Sorry, can't help you out. I'm with Gertie - bah humbug.

No kids, don't exchange gifts with family...so it's hard to be into XMAS.

Hubby and I do 10-12 or more XMAS Eve snacks and that's about it. Cause we're both spoiled we get what we want thruout the year and don't exchange gifts.

We both like it that way.

Carolynn said...

For me, bedtime in the stable, surrounded by the contented sounds of the barn animals settling in for the night, always brought to mind that night in manager. How peaceful, serene and holy it must have been.

You know, it's not about whether you have your tree up, or presents bought, or cards written. It's about the love you carry in your heart and the gratitude that you feel. If you look at it from that perspective, I'll bet you'll realize that illusive "It" has been there all along.

Blessings, my friend.


Phyllis said...

It's hard to get into the spirit when the weather is warm. It's in the 20's here - unusual for this time of year.

My tree came inside from the garage last night. Hopefully, I'll get it up tonight and then my decorating is finished.

How about putting on some Christmas music? That should help.

Christina said...

I dont know, I hate the cold so 70 degrees sounds dandy to me.

I watch sappy Christmas movies and read sappy Christmas books.

Crystal said...

Aww dont feel bad, I love Christmas and dont have my tree or decorations up yet, Im hoping this week as well.

Anonymous said...

Make a cheese ball, buy some Eggnog, oh and some salami too, put on Charlie Brown's Christmas, put one of those hats on Lee and maybe that will work.

Natascha said...

This year I decided I'm only doing the Christmas activities I enjoy. Not things I hate. It really made a difference for me. There are always a few you have to do, to compromise, but I didn't feel like baking so I won't and will buy cookies and no mess. Watching Christmas movies usually puts me in a Christmasy mood or maybe go buy yourself a new decoration you'd like. I'm sure loosing your buns doesn't help. Good Luck!

Gaina said...

Maybe this video of my trip to the hairdressers on Tuesday will make you feel Christmas-y :).


The temperature during the day was -5 and getting down to -10 at night, causing Hoar Frost and making everything so beautiful! It's mild again this weekend but it's only a brief spell before we get winter back next week! ;D

Lisa said...

You have one of those lop goats that looks like Biffy!!! I want one, but I don't know if a goat would like my apartment in Queens, hehe.