Wednesday, August 18, 2010

No Lack of Treats Around this Place

I'm sitting here thinking about how spoiled all of these animals are around this place!  At one point or another today, everyone had a treat.  Here's how it went:

Bunnies - fresh carrot tops from the garden
Horses - apples from my neighbor's tree
Goats - butternut squash vine from the garden (I trimmed it back a little, hoping it will get some new life for the fall)
Chickens - peaches from my neighbor's tree (the bruised ones that had fallen on the ground)
Tortoises - fresh herbs and petunia flowers from the garden
Snuffy - Frosty Paws frozen treat (from the grocery store!)

The only one who didn't get a treat was Cactus Rose.  She is a picky little kitty and I haven't found any treats that she likes. 

I've been so busy catering to everyone else, I think I'll give MYSELF a treat.

One of my favorite treats in the summertime are Fruit Chillers.  They are a frozen fruit sorbet in a tube.  They remind me of Otter Pops, only better.  Cold and yummy and only 55 calories.  Heck, I might even have 2...


Sydney_bitless said...

Try egg yolk for kitty.

Well shucks, I need to send you some pictures. Having a crazy busy August here.

Lisa said...

Nommy!!! Dogs love doggie ice cream! I think they make a cat version too.

Have you tried the pitr patter treats for Cactus Rose? Bella loves them.

Annette F Tait said...

the fruit chillers sound nice! even the frosty paws sound nice too!!
off for my treat now :) a cup of tea!

The Japanese Redneck said...

Sounds like you needed a treat after handing them out to all the critters.

Carolynn said...

I am BIG on treats. I have a hard time going through a whole day without a treat. *sigh* Maybe I should move closer to your place. *grin*

South Valley Girl said...

My cats go insane for Greenies, which I find at my local pet supply store. They come in a pouch, various flavors - mine live for the beef variety. Every morning, as soon as I get up, I go into the kitchen, to find both cats up on the counters, howling for Greenies, and the only thing that will shut them up is a small handful. This has improved the overall vibe in the household greatly - not that they didn't get along before, but now they're united in "howling for Greenies," as I call it, and I think they've bonded over it.

Give it a shot - I think you'll be pleased, as will Cactus Rosie.

Christina / SVG

Gaina said...

My cat is pretty much in love with anything food related, but goes insane for Beaphar Catnip Bits. I just did a google search and you should be able to get them in America. The packacing looks like THIS

Desert Rose said...

had an otter pop today with the little grandcowboys!!!
Hope you're staying cool!

Shelly's Stuff said...

Our pitbull, Doom, loves Frosty Paws. Everyone looks at me like I'm crazy when I tell them about this "ice cream" for dogs!

Anonymous said...

more on the chickens. Dad